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The King's University

The King’s University is a privately governed undergraduate university, offering three-year and four-year Bachelor degree programs in the natural sciences, social sciences and humanities, a four-year Bachelor degree in commerce, and 2-year Bachelor after degree programs in education. All degree programs are accredited by the Province of Alberta, and King’s is a member of Universities Canada.

The CRYSTAL-Alberta Project

The King's University College is a co-applicant institution with The University of Alberta in the CRYSTAL-Alberta project. The King's Centre for Visualization in Science is one of the tangible ways in which the King's University College contributes to this project. Please click on the CRYSTAL-Alberta logo shown on the right to visit the University of Alberta site.


Center for Mathematics, Science and Technology Education (CMASTE)

CMASTE is an education research and development centre serving K-12 students and teachers. Education research is employed to create and test curriculum, instruction and assessment concepts.

Explaining Climate Change

Understanding and responding to global climate change is one of the defining challenges of the 21st Century. On this web site, which was developed as an International Year of Chemistry legacy project, you will find a set of critically reviewed, interactive, web-based learning tools to help students, teachers, science professionals and the general public make sense of the underlying science of climate change. We have emphasized connections to concepts in chemistry, physics, biology, and earth and environmental science. crystal

Multiple Uses of ChemistryMultiple Uses of Chemistry

Multiple Uses of Chemistry explores the beneficial uses, misuses, and abuses of multi-use chemicals, both historically and presently. You will explore what is being done to monitor the abuse of multi-use chemicals and will discuss your responsibility in responding to this global problem. crystal

Visualizing the Chemistry of Climate Change (VC3)

VC3  is where you will find resources for teaching and learning 1st year chemistry through the rich context of climate science. crystal
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