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NSF-CCLI Workshop 2013

VC3Chem Authoring Team

From left to right: Brian Martin, Marcy Towns, Peter Mahaffy, Lallie Mackenzie and Tom Holme.

Hashing out details!

Here Marcy is holding forth on the subtleties of teaching thermal chemistry concepts to undergraduates.

The Student Team!

From Left to right: Kristen Tjostheim, Miriam Mahaffy, Darrell VandenBrink and Joseph Zondervan.

Working on VC3 Chem

May 23-24, 2013 the authoring team met at The King's University College to continue design and implementation of VC3Chem.


Talks and Workshops Given in 2011

KCVS in Brussels

KCVS launched the first lessons of ExplainingClimateChange.ca at the closing ceremonies of the International Year of Chemistry in Brussels.

KCVS in Ethiopia

KCVS played a key role in the Chemistry for Sustainable Development in Africa conference. Co-director Peter Mahhafy gave a number of talks and also led workshops on the use of KCVS digital learning objects.


Talks Given Prior to 2011


Talks given at the CEA Convention, October 2008:

Sky Science - Resources for Teachers

VPython for High School Physics

Keen and dedicated! Physics teachers at the April 26, 2008 workshop on Using Applets to Teach Modern Physics

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