Astronomy 201/211
Lab Schedule

Monday Afternoon Labs

Lab time in S210: 2:00 - 3:10

Lab Assignments:

These are assignemnts that will be addressed during the Monday afternoon lab period and are intended to be finished sometime during the week. They are due on the following Monday. The intent of these assignemnts is to give you further experience with key ideas developed in the course. Attendance is optional but you are strongly encouraged to attend.

Lab Projects:

There are four lab projects scheduled for the term. These are to be completed in formal, lab-report style and address significant ideas in astronomy. These are to be done during the Monday afternoon lab period.

Major Evening Lab

This is an OPTIONAL evening lab that runs most of the term. You may use this for up to a 20% lab bonus mark - or just come for the fun of it!

Jan 15

Review of magnitude and distance concepts - This is intended to give you a quick introduction to some of the major ideas from last term

HR Diagram and distance modulus (Solutions)



Jan 22
Cephied Variables and Galactic Distances - practice using the period-luminosity relationship and how Cepheids can be used as distance indicators (Solutions)
Jan 29
Finding the Galactic Center - Retrace Shapley's argument to show where we are in the galaxy!
Project #1
Feb 5
Quasars and Redshifts - practice using the redshift relations (Solutions)
Feb 26
Hubble Lab- Expansion of the Universe
Project #2
Mar 5
Hubble Lab - Expansion of the Universe (continued)
Mar 12
Measuring the Moon (part1 of Lab Project #3)
Project #3
Mar 19
Measuring the Planets (part2 of Lab Project #3)
Mar 26
April 9
Comet Linear - measure the speed and kinetic energy of a comet
Project #4

Map to Observatory

Drawing templates (reproduce as many as needed for your sketches)